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PSC "Intertekhnika" let it is foundation  in 1997 at the initiative of a management of Holding "NORD Group" and its president Valentine Ivanovich Landik aspiring comprehensively to develop a domestic production of the refrigerating equipment. Thanks to strong support of Holding "NORD Group", the company dynamically develops, and wins indisputable leadership in the market of manufacturers of a trading refrigerating equipment. In 1998 there has been begun a batch production of refrigerating cases of various types and updating, and also chests freezers under the trade mark "INTER", cooling alcoholic and nonalcoholic production, and also a various foodstuff.

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PSC «Intertekhnika» today is:

  • 33000 sq.m  production spaces;
  • 450 qualified workers and engineers  ;
  • the best production technology;
  • wide range of the cooling equipment with value from 75 till  1200 liters, combining in itself high operational qualities and ample opportunities for goods presentation.
  • The high control of reliability, quality and competitiveness of the production, and also continuous search of new decisions at the expense of monitoring of requirements of the modern market and studying of existing problems.

The trading cooling equipment "INTER" has well proved not only in Ukraine  and in territory of the CIS countries, but also abroad. It is well known in Austria, Germany, Poland and Cuba.

Company has certified production according to the International quality system ISO 9001:2001 "Quality managing system". All production range certified in Ukraine and Russia, and also has international certificate TUV.

The main aim of the PSC “Intertekhnika” considers the fullest saturation of the world market of a trading cooling high-quality equipment, granting of the qualitative and developed service in territory  of Ukraine and in the most remote corners of the CIS.

Modern technologies applied in manufacture, the advanced design, non-polluting materials have allowed the enterprise to let out modern high-quality production.

Functional tests of each cooler on the European norms of reliability and quality, computer controls and other newest workings out in the field of refrigerating technology have allowed to reach high indicators of quality of production and the maximum flexibility of manufacture.

PSC "Intertekhnika" has close partners relations with such companies as: ООО «Danfoss» Ukraine,  ООО «Danfoss» Germany, OJSC «GRAN» Russia,  “Ebm-papst” Germany, “Tecumseh Europe” France,  «LU-VE» Italy. These suppliers supply our production basic materials.

One of the main point of the company  is – finishing coolers manufacture to 180 thousand pcs in a year. It will allow the company at the moment of peak to load possibility of an exit of production in the necessary nomenclature, in terms demanded by the buyer and with excellent quality.

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